Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Announcement Regarding Trinity Drugs

 Trinity Drugs, Trinity Historical Society, the Town of Trinity and Eastern Health would like to update residents in the community regarding commentary about Trinity Drugs that has arisen through social media in the past few days. While Trinity Historical Society has made a decision to not renew the lease of Trinity Drugs at the Court House, it is working cooperatively with Eastern Health and Trinity Drugs on a resolution. 

 The pharmacy has a long-standing history with the organization and the area.

 The Society wishes to see that continue and is working with Trinity Drugs to allow time necessary to explore an arrangement for new space. Mr. Rick Elliott of Trinity Drugs says, "We have had a long-standing relationship in Trinity and area, 42 years, and with Trinity Historical Society since 1996 when they took over the Public Building. We understand their decision to not renew our lease is a business one. We wish to maintain our presence in Trinity and are working diligently with Eastern Health to continue services. 

We appreciate the assistance Trinity Historical Society and the Town of Trinity in this regard and wish to assure the public that we are working towards finding a solution." Eastern Health assures residents in the area that it is working with community partners in Trinity to explore options for an appropriate space for the pharmacy which will continue to meet the needs of the population. During the process of transition to a new space, every effort will be made by 

Trinity Historical Society to ensure business can continue for Trinity Drugs at the Court House.  The public can be reassured that all involved are working together to ensure that Trinity Drugs will have a new space in the community.

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