Monday, September 21, 2020

Autumn Feast From Peace Cove Inn

 Who doesn’t love Autumn?

It’s the end of summer.... and our travels have come to an end. 

Fortunately for us all,  this maudlin end also coincides with the beginning of Autumn!  Sweater weather and delicious things coming out of local gardens mean we’re ready to settle in for a scoff! 

Our inspiration for this final Saturday in September is COMFORT FOOD!

This week we’ll be slow simmering Bolognese sauce, roasting plenty of local vegetables 
and braising some lamb to prepare for our final take out this season.

 The Menu:

Peace Cove Caesar salad: local kale, housemade bacon, house made croutons, 
our own creamy garlic and parmesan dressing.$12.00/each.

House made focaccia bread
sundried tomatoes garlic and basil $8.00.

Lasagna Bolognese: authentic slow braised  bolognese sauce, layers of thin house made 
pasta sheets, creamy bechamel sauce $16.00/portion.

Lamb pot pie: slow roasted lamb, root vegetables, rich red wine and rosemary gravy, 
wrapped up in buttery pastry $17.00 each. (Serves 2)

Veggie pot pie: roasted roots, rich veggie gravy wrapped up in 
buttery pastry $15.00 each (serves 2)

(The pot pies can be freezer ready and baked by you at a later date
- just let us know if this is your preference)

Our Dessert (back by popular demand- mostly by our friend Shirley is from our 
middle East feast this summer- Soft Meringue with pistachio cream, raspberry coulis, dried 
rose petals and fresh berries $8.00 each

As it’s been: Pick up will be curbside on Saturday September 26th between 4-6pm,
Pre order only- payment by etransfer please.

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