Saturday, August 15, 2020

Peace Cove Inn Serves up "A Taste of Thailand"

 Nothing like a bit of beach weather to inspire some Thai cooking!!

We’re off again next Saturday (so let’s hope the weather holds!) 
We hope to fill your belly and tease your taste buds with our Thai inspired curries! 
This multi coloured menu should provide a little something for everyone so get ready to 
‘“Thai” one on ‘ with us !!  (.....aaaaargh.....yes, we just said that...)

Each curry comes in a 400ml serving (enough for 2 people), our rice portions 
are also enough for two. Dessert...should never be shared!!!

Menu for Saturday August 22nd:

Thai Salad rolls- shrimp and vegetables wrapped in rice paper, 
served cold with peanut dipping sauce. (Two rolls) $9.00

Yellow: Gang Garee- chicken and potatoes in a sweet yellow coconut 
curry sauce (excellent for entry level diners) $20.00 each

Red: Fresh Cod and Pineapple in a Red Curry sauce $20.00 each

Green: Poached Lobster served in a light green curry sauce $24.00 each

Steamed Rice: $5.00 each

Dessert: Mango Creme Brulee  $8.00

We will take orders between 10am and 6pm starting on Monday (17th) 
and we’ll stop on Thursday (or when we run out!) 
call: 709-436-2069, or email:  

Pre orders only. Payment by etransfer please. 
Pick up is curbside between 4pm and 6pm on the 22nd- 
we’ll arrange your time when you order 

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