Thursday, April 23, 2020

THANK YOU to all Volunteers

To All Volunteers: THANK YOU!

April 19 - 25, 2020 is dedicated as Volunteer Week to celebrate the tremendous contributions made by thousands of people throughout the province who give their time freely to make their communities a better place to live. It provides an opportunity to express gratitude that sometimes gets forgotten as we all attend to our day-to-day busy lives. During this time though there is no better opportunity to pause and say "thank you" to volunteers as well as to give yourselves a pat on the back for your own commitment to volunteering in your Town, region and province. 

The theme this year is appropriately - "Applauding Volunteers"

This theme was chosen late last year and is a good fit for the times we are now in when we have to practice self distancing and isolating. Many of us are applauding (or making some form of noise) weekly on Sunday's at 7:00 P.M. in recognition of essential/front line workers. This Sunday please also bear in mind all of our volunteers that help make your municipality function. 

On behalf of the Town of Trinity I thank all of our volunteers for everything that you do in support of the activities, events, fundraisers and provision of essential services to our municipality and region.

Normally we would gather this week at The Factory (Coaker Foundation) in Port Union for a Regional Volunteer Night event where we would celebrate and recognize volunteers together. The event has been cancelled this year due to Covid-19 however the planning committee does plan to hold it again in 2021. We are encouraged this year to bring our appreciation and recognition to volunteers virtually through Facebook, Twitter and other means.

Thank you once again to all volunteers for giving of your time, talent and treasures. Stay Safe.

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