Monday, March 30, 2020

Important Message RE: Self Isolation


Town of Trinity

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Important Message Re: Covid-19 and Self Isolation after Travelling Back to NL

Hi Everyone

Please note that as of yesterday (Sunday, March 29) that for EVERYONE that has returned to the province (NL) in addition to completing self isolation for the mandatory 14 days it is now REQUIRED to stay on your own property and you are no longer permitted to drive. This is a new requirement as of yesterday. Should you require any assistance with obtaining groceries, medication etc during your time of self isolation please let us know and we will do our best to assist you. 

These are very important updates that the province has made regarding self-isolating and distancing to do our part for flattening the curve. We ask that everyone please heed these regulations that have been put forth to contain the potential spread of COVID-19. 

The Town has also posted some very relevant information, links and resources as provided through the Eastern Health Authority to its Facebook and website ( Please read and use these for more information or assistance should you require any or have any concerns or questions.

For the latest information please visit - 

Stay Safe and Be Kind everyone and let's do our part to combat COVID-19.


Jim Miller
Town of Trinity

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