Monday, June 10, 2019

Frank Lapointe - Addressing the Elements at Fishers' Loft

Fishers’ Loft is delighted to have Frank Lapointe’s recent watercolours, Addressing the Elements, on display at the Inn's Conference Centre for the season. The exhibit is open to the public now, with the opening reception taking place on June 30th.

These watercolours, although loosely based on the landscape, shifting light and other environmental themes, rarely speak of geographical documentation or concrete specifics.  Through the watercolour medium, I explore the fluctuating, dynamic forces of wind, cloud and sea and their effects upon the land.
Through art, I attempt to investigate the transitory clues of the subjects’ deepest moods, while I encourage the viewer to complete the equally ephemeral gaps with a similar emotional response."
                                    Frank Lapointe

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