Sunday, April 28, 2019

"Hunger" Playing at Rising Tide May 1 2019

White Rooster Theatre 
 by Meghan Greeley

May 1, 2019 8:00pm 

Set in an isolated farmhouse during a period of ethnic cleansing, a couple attempts to perform an act of selflessness by hiding a group of persecuted people behind the walls. As the war outside reaches a deafening climax, hunger reduces the protectors and the protected to surreal and desperate state of savagery.

Written by Meghan Greeley and directed by Michael WallerHunger stars Greg Malone, Deidre Gillard Rowlings, Meghan Greeley, Santiago Guzmán, and Nina JohnWhite Rooster Theatre originally produced Hunger in 2015. 

The week before this play was first produced in 2015 the news was again filled with images of Syria. 1.2 million were driven from their homes in 2015 alone. People fled their homes as neighboring countries decided if they would accept and give help or close their borders. Now in 2019 the themes of this play are just as relevant as ever as they connect with current world events: food scarcity, climate change, and the plight of refugees. 

The play judges the character's hidden natures, only to reveal them. Hunger explores murky territory and goes even deeper into the very nature of supposedly benevolent acts and those who purport to undertake them. That Greeley does so with deft humour is truly astonishing. 

For tickets call 1-888-464-3377 

photo by Vaida Nairn

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