Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Toll Gate Volunteers Needed

Saturday, August 18 & Sunday, August 19

It’s that time of year once again when we are looking for a few volunteers to assist with the Toll Gate during the Trinity Festival. We truly appreciate those that have volunteered in the past and those that have already agreed to again for this coming weekend. However we still have lots of time slots remaining open and we need to fill them in order to make the most of the Toll Gate collections. We understand that several folks may be unavailable, working or have other commitments however if you have an hour or two to spare please let us know.

The funds collected specifically from the Toll Gate assists the Town with the purchase of the Fireworks that makes for such a wonderful display to end a great weekend. Sadly if we are unable to fill the remaining time slots the fireworks will need to be scaled back for 2019 or even cancelled.
Please touch base with Sherry Locke to see what time slots are available and to assist us with ensuring we remain being able to have the best fireworks display – please call or text her at 709-464-7148

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