Friday, July 14, 2017

Fox Tales Film Showing at English Harbour Arts Centre

                          ENGLISH HARBOUR ARTS CENTRE 
                                         FILM SHOWING 

Fox Tales
English Harbour Arts Centre

July 20th- 9:00pm

Intelligent, resourceful and intrepid the red fox thrives in environments from the Arctic tundra to the spectacular coast of English Harbour, Newfoundland to deep into the heart of bustling cities. These resilient creatures are able to change their behaviour to successfully make a home in new environments at a rate that astounds even the scientists who have spent a lifetime studying them. 

They're a complex species a fascinating species to study. You think you know it all and then you realize you know very little.
Stephen Harris, University of Bristol

Fox Tales reveals new research into everything from their first hours of life to their first steps into uncharted territory to offer a visually rich and fascinating look into the secret life of red foxes. 

Produced by Fantastic Mrs. Fox Inc. in Association with CBC and WNET Thirteen.
With participation from The Canadian Media Fund, Rogers Documentary Fund, Rogers Telefund,
and the Canadian and Ontario Film & Television Production Tax Credits

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